We strive to deliver quality projects on time and on(or under budget). We providing highest level of service and uncompromised quality.  We believe our collaborative team approach delivers the best value.

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Wpada Property & Contructions Sdn Bhd delivers world-class engineering & construction services. We are pioneers in the Malaysia infrastructure industry. Continuing our legacy of innovation, we achieve new milestones with every endeavour. Wpada Property & Contructions Sdn Bhd is responsible for landmark projects that have defined the country's progress. Surging ahead with presence in multiple sectors and involvement in revolutionary projects, we are creating opportunities for everyone.

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Before construction even starts, you’ll benefit from our proactive approach


Our unified approach emphasizes communication to complete your construction project successfully


Our in-house engineering gives you experience and significant cost savings


Wpada Property & Contructions Sdn Bhd  is leading the transformation of the construction industry with high-performing people, innovative processes and cutting-edge technologies that boost predictability, accelerate schedules, eliminate costs and minimize waste.

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We have had the privilege of managing some of the most complex and exciting building construction projects in the country, yet deep down we have always wanted to be so much more than just another contractor. We want to be a trail blazer. A game changer. We want to disrupt the way things have always been done by thinking differently, challenging the norm and relentlessly inventing. By channeling the power of our high-performing people, innovative culture and spirit of community — and by building smart — we are committed to transforming the construction experience. And revolutionizing an industry.

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"The most innovative ideas and inventive people from the world of construction are creating a whole lot of buzz and excitement in the industry."

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From initial design to completion, we offer you full construction expertise.  
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